The Bank Statement Analyzer is our brainchild and crown jewel. Performing credit checks is one of the essential functions performed by any financial institution. This seemingly routine process is intensive in terms of time spent and human effort expended. Our bank statement analyser utilises machine learning and artificial intelligence to fully scan an applicant’s bank statements while simultaneously performing a series of checks to determine the worthiness of the application and its reliability. 


Given the rapid pace at which banking and financial sectors are developing, it needs to keep up with the ever-growing consumer demands. One such area where automation and artificial intelligence can be utilised is to analyse bank statements of applicants and potential customers. The need of the hour for financial institutions is:

  • A software that offers reliable insights into the creditworthiness of an applicant. 

  • A means to simplify the usually cumbersome process of carefully analysing applications with minimum manual effort. 

  • Analyse the information obtained from a bank statement and compile it into readily usable information for quick decision making.

  • Uncomplicate and mechanise the process of selecting the right candidates.


The team at Impetus AI Solutions was more than thrilled to have taken on this challenge. We delivered a well-rounded software that helps:

  • Minimise the time taken for the initial screening of applications by financial institutions to create a curated statement.

  • Reach a fair and unbiased conclusion about the creditworthiness of an applicant by unravelling the complexities of differential transactions.

  • Capture transaction details of several recognized banks across India and process the information in real-time to generate easy-to-understand results

  • Lower the costs involved in terms of effort and time spent analysing the daily, monthly, and quarterly summaries of accounts and rank transactions based on their amount value along with additional information such as date of transaction and descriptions.


Through rigorous testing, development, and a methodical approach, we managed to create software that:

  • Successfully checks the validity of transaction details of over 35 Indian banks.

  • Offers a bird’s eye view of the transaction details and their overview for a given account.

  • Checks any irregular, mismatched, or suspicious transactions and balances

  • Simplifies the process of analysing a bank statement to determine the creditworthiness of an applicant.

  • Includes an elaborate feature-rich dashboard that displays information in an easy-to-understand and analyse format giving an overview of all transactions.


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